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 In 2016 I received my Associates degree in Graphic Design from Harford Community college with no previous background in art. Although I have a great admiration for graphic arts, I prefer to work with my hands. Therefore, I chose to further my art education at the University of Maryland, College Park where I received my Bachelors Degree in Studio Art.

In 2016, I was sort of thrown into my first painting class. I had no experience and was really nervous about it. Turned out this class was the start of my love and exploration of acrylic painting. Painting started to consume my life and became my greatest passion. 

I would classify myself mainly as a Pop / Expressive Artist. My palette is bright and colorful. I am heavily influenced by pop art, music, patterns, and nature. 

Portrait paintings:

When painting or drawing a celebrity portrait, I attempt to bring that celebrity's character into the piece, rather than just painting the celebrity in general. I find something so powerful about listening to the artist as I paint them. I spend hours researching them, their characteristics, their personalities, as well as their music, which all inspires the colors, the backgrounds, the poses, and other elements I choose. This way I am able to bring more of what they are about into the painting as opposed to just an ordinary portrait painting.